Marketing Tools

Improve your communication strategy and stay up to date with your promotions, offers, and needs. Use our Marketing tool to send group skype messages to your business partners with ease, in the way they prefer most.

Best Marketing Tools

Marketing Dashboard

All created promotions and offers are placed in your Marketing Dashboard.

  • Create promotion or offer messages.

  • Select targeted Contact Group for sending promotion or offer messages.

  • Select launch date. You need to be logged in on launch day.

  • Insert your Want To Sell or Want To Buy list.

  • Insert your Storefront link with complete Inventory.*

  • Nobody likes spam. All your contacts can unsubscribe when they want.

*This feature is available only to our Pro members.

Contact Book

  • Add companies to your Contacts.

  • Create Contact Groups for better organization and targeting for marketing.

  • Report Company.*

*We raise the bar when it comes to the safety of our members. You can report a company for bad conduct or a scam. The system will automatically recognize if contact was reported and informed you.

Client Connect

Save your time and send to your clients a link with a form for a new contact.

  • The client can choose his preferred way of receiving your offers and promotions.

  • Once the form is filled, it will generate a contract between you and your client. **

  • The signed contract is saved into your contact book, and the client will receive a copy of it in an e-mail.

  • You can edit or disable the contract in your profile settings.

**This feature is available only together with Bookkeeping Tools.

Resell Tool

Create a default resell pricing template in your profile settings and generate a selling list from your suppliers with your prices.

midfeed Chrom extension

To reach your skype contacts and to send them custom bulk messages with our extension you need to do the following things

  • Download midfeed chrome extension on your chrome browser.

  • Log in to with a profile that you want to use for sending bulk messages to your contacts

  • Log in to with your business account
    *Once you did these steps, you will gain access to Marketing and Text Template Tools

  • Create and send your campaigns, WTS, WTB lists, and your storefront link to your skype contacts from Marketing Dashboard

Text Template Tool

Create and organize your Text templates and past them in any text field on any site

You can edit and create your Text templates in your profile settings