Inventory Dashboard

You can find all your added products here.

  • Search table data by product any detail.

  • Use table filters to check your instock, out of stock, and type of products.

  • Add single product or import bulk of products.

  • Download your inventory excel file.

  • Control witch products are visible on your Store-front.

  • Add or remove product for your Want To Buy List.

Your Store-front

Make your WTS and WTB lists always available for purcheses and offers.

  • Make your Store-fornt public or private in your profile settings.

  • Allow users that are not in your Contact Book to add you with Client Connect button.

  • Select witch products are visible on your Store-fornt form Inventory Dashboard.

  • Recive orders from your clients and auto generate preoredres.

  • Make your Want To Buy list publi or private in your porifle settings.

  • Select witch WTB products are visible on your Store-fornt form WTB Dashboard.

  • Recive WTB offers for your clients and pick best prices in WTB Dashboard.

Resell Tool

Create default resell pricing template in your profile settings and generate selling list from your suppliers with your prices.