Want To Buy List Help

WTB list

Use your WTB list to find products that need. Or as a reminder for your future orders.

Table Control

Table Control-Panel

  • - Select or deselect all table rows
  • - Refresh the table
  • - Toggle table view to card or column view
  • - Download the excel file of your WTB list
  • - Remove selected products from the WTB list

Download list

You can download your Inventory lists from the table control panel by pressing the button.

Remove Products

If can remove products from your WTB list

  1. Select product on the check box on the left side of the table
  2. - Press the delete button in Table Control-Panel
  3. Confirm your removal
You can always return products to your WTB List from the Inventory table.

Item 2


Your WTB list on the Storefront by default is public. You can make it private in your Storefront settings.

Item 2
WTB Offers

Your Contacts can send offers for products that you need from your Storefront page.

  • You will receive notification for each new offer
  • You can check offers on the WTB List page below your WTB List
  • The best price offers will be marked with green color
  • if offers are not matching your needs, you can dismiss them on the Dismiss Offer
  • You can always contact the offerer on contact buttons, to negotiate a better deal

Item 2
Confirm Offer
  • Select products that you want to order and press Request Selected products
  • When you find and request products e-mail will be sent to the offerer


Send your WTB List to all of your contacts via Skype. Add your WTB List as a text when you are creating a New Campaign by pressing WTB 2 TXT button above your Campaign text area.