Text Templates Help

Text Templates

Text template tool is created for one purpose only, to save your time. Create templates that suit your business needs, organize them by folders, and insert them wherever and whenever you need them.
To use our text template tool, you need to have installed midfeed chrome extension.

Download midfeed Chrome extension here

To learn more about our Chrome extension press here

Table Control
  • - Create New File
  • - Create New Folder
  • - Delete selected File or Folder

Sync Template

To sync your text template with your chrome extension do the following steps

  • Press on midfeed extension in your Chrome extension toolbar.
  • Press Sync Text Templates on the midfeed extension popup window

Insert Templates

To insert your Text Templates, you need to be logged in on midfeed and to have an active subscription.
To read more about how to create Text Templates press here.

  • Press right-click in the text area where you want to insert your Text Template
  • midfeed - from the menu select template that you wish to insert