Inventory Help


Keeping track of your Inventory is one of the most important things. Our inventory tool will help you to do everything in one place.

Products from your inventory have multiple purposes

  • Keep track of your stock levels
  • Add them to preorders and invoices
  • Send them as promotions
  • Create your Want To Buy list
  • Show selected ones on your storefront

Table Control

Table Control-Panel

  • - Select or deselect all table rows
  • - Refresh the table
  • - Toggle table view to card or column view
  • - Download excel file of your inventory
  • - Delete selected products

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WTB Control

Create your Want to Buy List as a shopping reminder for yourself, or to show your product needs to your clients and partners.

Adding or removing the product from your WTB list you can do from the action column in your Inventory table

  • - Add a product to your Want To Buy list
  • - Remove the product from your Want To Buy list

You can check your WTB list by pressing above your Inventory table or in the Control-Panel

To read more about WTB List, press here

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Storefront Control

Control witch products you want to show to your storefront, and the visibility of your stock

  • - Your product is private, and not visible on the storefront
  • - Your product is public, and visible on the storefront
  • - Your stock number is private, and not visible on the storefront*
  • - Your stock number is public, and visible on the storefront*

To read more about the Storefront, press here

Table Filters

The filter on the left of your Inventory table will help you to select products by category

With the filter on the right of your Inventory table you will sort your table by:

  • In-stock - Products that you have in-stock
  • Out of stock - Filter out-of-stock products
  • Private - Products that are not visible on the storefront*
  • Visible on store - Products that are visible on the storefront*

*Storefront Want To Sell list is only available with Pro Subscription.

Add a product

Add the product by pressing on your Inventory table or from the control panel

  • Type in the product name or EAN Code in the search field
  • Press Add a product
    • Select type of product
    • Select Platform - if applicable
    • Select Region - if applicable
    • Enter your Paid Price - Your Want To Sell price will be calculated automatically. You can set resell price pattern go in settings
    • Enter your wholesale Price
    • Enter your MOQ*
    • Enter your Stock Level
    • Upload your product images*
    • Set your product additional information*

*These options are available only to Pro subscription

Bulk of products

If you need to add more than one product, use our bulk upload.
Download our Stock Template, fill the excel file with correct information, and upload the file on the import page.

Press on your Inventory table or in the control panel

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Delete Product

If you need to remove any products from your inventory table

  1. Select product on the check box on the left side of the table
  2. - Press the delete button in Table Control-Panel
  3. Confirm your action*

*Once you delete the product from the Inventory table, you can't retrieve the information anymore.


Send your WTS List to all of your contacts via Skype. Add your WTS List as a text when you are creating a New Campaign by pressing WTS 2 TXT button above your Campaign text area.

Send your product as links to your Storefront so the clients can see images and detailed descriptions of your products.*

*This option is available only with Pro subscription