Contact Book Help

Item 1
Contact Book

Added contacts in your Contact Book have multiple purposes

  • Bookkeeping - Create Preorders and Invoices
  • Marketing - Send them you
  • Client Protection

Table Control
  • - Add New Contact
  • - Group Selected Users
  • - Select or deselect all table rows
  • - Refresh the table
  • - Toggle table view to card or column view
  • - Delete selected contacts

  • Table contact actions
    • - Copy ClientEdit Link, to read more press here
    • - Chat with contacts on skype
    • - Call contact
    • - View store

  • Table contact warnings
    • - Contact report in process, to read more press here
    • - Contact reported, to read more press here

Add Contact

You can add contacts in two ways

  • Press - Add New Contact, above your Contact Book table
  • Fill in the required contact details
  • Send - ClientConnect Link to your new client, to read more press here

Contact Info

To check your contact info and options press on the contact name in the Contact Book table to view or edit data

  • View Contact Info
  • View preferred newsletter subscription
  • DropBox - Use dropbox to upload and save contact documents, like Contracts, Incorporation files, etc...
  • Edit Contact - Edit contact information
  • ClientEdit Link - Copy CompanyEdit link, to read more press here
  • Report - Report contact for bad conduct, to read more press here
  • Delete - Delete Contact

Grouping Contacts

Organize your Contact Book by sorting your contacts into Groups. To send campaigns messages via skype, you need to create Contact groups. To read more about Campaigns press here.

Group Filters

The filter on the right, above your Contact Book the table will help you to filter contacts by group, edit, or delete existing groups

  • Show All - Show All your Contacts
  • No Group - Contacts that are not in any group
  • Next to each group name you have two options
    • - Edit Group
    • - Delete Group

Create Group
  • Select the contact that you want to group by pressing on the check box on the left side.
  • Press - Group Selected Users, above your Contact Book table
  • Type in a new group name
  • In the dropdown menu press 'Create and Add to'

Edit Group
  • Press group filter, above your Contact Book table
  • Press - Edit Group, on the right side of the group that you want to edit

On the group edit page, you can do the following things

  • Change group name
  • Add more companies to the group
  • Set your Marketing group greeting message