Client Connect Help

Client Connect

Invite your Clients with a press of a button. Send them a token that is valid for 48 hours. After they fill in the ClientConnect form, they will appear in your Contact Book. They will get an auto-generated PDF document with the terms and conditions of doing business with your company.

Getting the Link
  • - Copy link with Client Connect token from Control-Panel
  • Paste Client Connect Link to your new Customer

Wholesale Contract

After the new customer sends you a signed PDF copy of your Wholesale contract. You can save it in your Contact Book

  • Find your new client in Contact Book and open their company info, by pressing on their company name
  • Drop their signed PDF file into the dropbox on the right side

Client Edit

If you wish to edit some of the existing company details you may do so with the Client Edit Link Edit.

The best usage of the Client Edit link comes whit after you sync contacts from your skype contact book when you are using our Chome Extension

Getting the Link
  • - Copy link to the clipboard with Client Edit token from Contact Book table
  • Paste Client Edit Link to your existing Contact from Contact Book

Wholesale Contract

If the company changes any of their incorporation details, make sure to get a new generated contract after they finish the form and sign the PDF document.