Campaign Help

Item 1

Use the advantages of the automated campaign process for a more efficient business flow. Keep your clients informed about your current offers, needs, and promotions. Use their preferred way of receiving newsletters and send them through email or skype. You can send your campaigns to all of your skype contacts at once.

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Table Control

Table Control-Panel

  • - Create new campaign
  • - Select or deselect all table rows
  • - Refresh the table
  • - Toggle table view to card or column view
  • - Delete selected campaigns

Document table actios

  • - Resend campaign*

* Campaigns can be resent once every 24 hours

Create campaign

Add the product by pressing above your Campaign table or from the control panel

  • Enter campaign name
  • Select Campaign type to Skype
  • Select Campaign Date
  • Select targeted Contact Book Group. To read more about Contact Groups, press here
  • Write your campaign message
  • WTB 2 TXT - Insert your WTB list as a text. To read more about the WTB list, press here
  • WTS 2 TXT - Insert your WTS list as a text. To read more about the inventory list, press here
  • Pro users can insert their Products as storefront links. To read more about the storefront, press here

* Sending a campaign to your skype contacts is done with midfeed chrome extension. Make sure that you are using Chrome Browser and that you have the extension ready before you send the campaign. To read more about midfeed Chrome extension press here.

Delete campaigns

To delete campaigns, do the following steps

  1. Select campaigns on the check box on the left side of the table
  2. - Press the delete button above Campaign Table
  3. Confirm your action*

* Once you delete campaigns from the Campaign table, you can't retrieve them anymore.

Spam regulations

Midfeed is keeping up with the latest anti-spam regulation and GDRP rules. Companies can Unsubscribe from your newsletter at any time. And only they can subscribe themselves again with the Client Edit link that will be sent to their email. Midfeed is not responsible for the frequency of your campaigns. So you need to pay close attention to how you are using this marketing tool.