Bookkeeping help


Keep everything in one place and use advantages of automatized bookkeeping process that we made for a more efficient business flow

Use bookkeeping tool for:

  • Creating preorders and invoices
  • Keep tracking of your outvoices and expenses
  • Sending your invoices, outvoices, and expenses to the accountant
  • Checking your bookkeeping activity schedule on a calendar

Table Control

Table Control-Panel

  • - Create a new preorder
  • - Select or deselect all table rows
  • - Refresh the table
  • - Toggle table view to card or column view
  • - Filter Bookkeeping Table by dates or fiscal quoters
  • - Download selected documents
  • - Delete selected documents

Document table actions

  • Unpaid - By pressing on these action button you can change the status of an order to Paid*
  • - Send Invoice or Preorder

* Documents that are marked as Paid cant be deleted

Table Filters

The filter on the left of your Bookkeeping table will help you to select documents by type:

  • Show All - Show all documents on the bookkeeping table
  • Preorders - Show only Preorders documents on the bookkeeping table
  • Invoices - Show only Invoices documents on the bookkeeping table
  • Outvoices - Show only Outvoices documents on the bookkeeping table
  • Expenses - Show only Expenses documents on the bookkeeping table

With the filter on the right of your Bookkeeping table you will sort your table by payment status:

  • Show All - Show paid and unpaid documents
  • Unpaid - Show only Unpaid documents
  • Paid - Show only paid documents

Create Preorder

Add the product by pressing above your Bookkeeping table or from the control panel

  • Select a document type from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Company from your Contact Book
  • Select payment due date
  • Select Terms and condition template - You can set templates in bookkeeping settings
  • Press Create
  • Add products - To learn how to add a products press here

Upload Documents

Drop your outvoices and expenses in the Bookkeeping dropbox

  • You can drop 20 documents by the time
  • Open your Bookkeeping Upload page
  • Type in the required data for each document
  • Press save
  • Documents will now appear in your Bookkeeping table

Delete Documents

If you need to remove any products from your Bookkeeping table

  1. Select Documents on the check box on the left side of the table
  2. - Press the delete button in Table Control-Panel
  3. Confirm your action*

* Once you delete the documents from the Bookkeeping table, you can't retrieve the documents anymore.

Storefront Preorders

Storefront orders are auto-created. Once they are marked paid and delivered, Invoice will be auto-generated and sent to the client

To read more about Storefront press here