Most expensive NFT in 2021

Who says that expensive pictures are hanging only in the museums? With the arrival of NFT, you can place a whole gallery and a true fortune in your crypto wallet.

When bitcoin came online, it unlocked the crypto world. That with a speed of light reach financial skyrocketing heights. Soon there was a market flood of new cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. One of them that is pooping out besides bitcoin is Ethereum. ERC-721 was the first standard for representing non-fungible tokens (NFT) as digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

The First Twitter Tweet - $2,900,000

Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO, auctioned his first-ever tweet as an NFT. The last winning bid was placed for $2.9 million in cryptocurrency. The auction took place online on the Valuables. Jack Dorsey, converted the full amount to Bitcoin and donate the whole sum to the Africa Response charity.

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Doge - 1696.9 ETH - $4,000,000

It started as a joke, but Elon Musk gave it a little Twitter boost. No one is joking with a dogecoin anymore. The same situation is with dodge NFT that hit the latest sale price of $4 million. Doge brought memes into the crypto world, but "Disaster Girl", "Overly Attached Girlfriend" and "Pepe the Frog" is right behind him in this NFT race.



Crossroads - $6,600,000

Beeple is a highly ranked NFT artist, and he is on this list without any surprises. Nifty Gateways confirm on Twitter that this is a legitimate sale. "We have been in direct contact with the buyer and have confirmed their identity. They are choosing to remain anonymous at this time."
The anonymous buyer paid $6.6 million for this 9second video.

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CryptoPunk #7804 - $7,570,000

CryptoPunks are 24x24 pixel art images developed and released by Larva Labs, a New York-based software firm. CryptoPunk series images are generated with an algorithm. Since CryptoPunk #7804 is sold for $69.3 million, sales of that collection juped dramatically and continue to grow.

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The First 5000 Days - $69,000,000

Mike "Beeple" Winkelmann took the show away and set the record for the most expensive NFT ever sold. The First 5000 Days is sold for a whopping 69.3 million at Christie's and this is the first time that the venerable auction house has ever sold a purely digital artwork.

The buyer simply wanted to make a statement. 

 “The point was to show Indians and people of color that they, too, could be patrons, that crypto was an equalizing power between the West and the Rest, and that the global south was rising,” said Vignesh "Metakovan" Sundaresan.


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