Bookkeeping Dashboard

All preorders, invoices, outvoices, and expenses are getting sorted in your bookkeeping table for a cleaner overview and easier administration.

  • Search table data by company name, product name, or type of document.

  • Use table filters to check the type of document.

  • View a specific date period, month, quoter, or year.

  • Select the bulk of documents and send them to your accountant.

  • Select the bulk of documents for downloading.

Creation & sending

  • After creation or editing, preorders and invoices are sent to your client automatically.

  • Once preorders are marked as paid, it will generate an invoice and send it to the client.

  • Preorders and invoices that you mark as paid you can't delete or edit.

  • All orders from your storefront will auto-generate and send preorders.*

*This feature is available only to our Pro members.


  • View invoice creation date.

  • View invoice due date.

  • View outvoice creation date.

  • View outvoice due date.

  • View campaigns dates.

  • Add event or reminder.*

*This feature is available only to our Pro members.

Contact Book

  • Add companies to your Contacts.

  • Create Contact Groups for better organization and targeting for marketing.

  • Report Company.*

*We raise the bar when it comes to the safety of our members. You can report a company for bad conduct or a scam. The system will automatically recognize if contact was reported and informed you.

Client Connect

Save your time and send to your clients a link with a form for a new contact.

  • The client can choose his preferred way of receiving your offers and promotions.

  • Once the form is filled, it will generate a contract between you and your client. **

  • The signed contract is saved into your contact book, and the client will receive a copy of it in an e-mail.

  • You can edit or disable the contract in your profile settings.

**This feature is available only together with Bookkeeping Tools.

Bookkeeping statistics and graphics

Check-in Real-time growth of your business by week, month, or year.