First wholesale social network in the world

Create supply network, and automate your trade and wholesales business.
Our team of experts is continuously developing a platform that is customer and business-oriented.

The results are finally here.

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Midfeed is a platform with a focus on premium products and services for our customers. We are always in step with the latest and the greatest, and we are glad to share our core values with you.

  • Have a complete overview of your inventory.
  • Find faster than ever products that you need.
  • Keep and create your invoice, outvoice, expenses in one place.
  • Connect with other Businesses and make your private wholesale network.
  • Protect your business from scams and untrustworthy companies.
  • Send your promotions to your Skype contacts.
  • We listen to the voice of our customers and constantly moving towards their goals and wishes.

The team at midfeed knows how vital your satisfaction is and strives to make the entire shopping and selling experience as effective and rewarding as possible.

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We have combined years of experience in e-commerce and created tools to help you run your business smoothly and save your time.
Our mission is to develop complete automatization for running your wholesale and retail business.
Check below the tools and services that we offer.
Finally, everything is in one place.


Below you can check our service packages that we offer to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.


These are only some of our top-selling brands that you can find in our store.

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